Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Telecommunications

01-05 Aug 2016 Stockholm - Sweden

Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Telecommunications


The course provides extensive and fundamental knowledge on Total Quality Management & Business Performance for telecommunication organizations. How to practice financial controlling through undertaking activities focused on demonstrating the accuracy and precision of operations. Also covering the importance of a broader plan for maintaining quality in all aspects of the business in order to develop a program with the ability to educate trainee in quality assurance and provide the tools to improve and optimize the daily operations and productivity.

1.Strategic planning based on Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
2.Total Quality Management & Quality Management System
3.Business Process Management
4.Monitoring & Measurement tools and techniques
5.Root Cause Analysis tools
6.Internal Quality Audit tools & techniques

5 days

Number of participants

Learning Objectives
Strategic planning based on Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

 - To translate vision and strategy into your performance management system
 - To effectively communicate strategic intent throughout your company
 - To manage cross-functional process performance
 - To identify improvements that will impact corporate success

Total Quality Management & Quality Management System

 - To understand TQM v/s QM
 - To understand the principles and the practices of Quality management;
 - Learn how to apply the newest version of ISO 9001:2008 standard to your organizations;
 - Understand how to implement a Quality management system conforming to ISO 9001 standard.

Business Process Management

 - Learn how to align BPM to your strategies and develop a visual description of business processes (process map) and use a process-based approach:
 - To find and fix BPM problems quickly
 - To drive and adapt to change
 - To keep your people involved
 - To understand BPM as a foundation for continuous improvement.
 - To understand and be able to define integrated business process model, tightly aligned to your organization business goals.

Monitoring & Measurement tools and techniques

 - To introduce Indicator Development
 - To understand what Performance Indicators is?
 - To understand and use Key Elements in Implementing a System for Performance Measurement
 - Know how to monitor performance?
 - To understand and use KPI’s analysis techniques

Root Cause Analysis tools

 - To understand the concept of root cause analysis
 - To use and understand tools for problem cause brainstorming
 - To develop strategies for problem cause data collection and analysis
 - To be able to deploy tools for root cause identification and elimination

Internal Quality Audit tools & techniques

 - To introduce Internal Quality Audit
 - To understand Audit Process  - PDCA cycle (role-playing)
 - To understand Auditor-Auditee Relation
 - Understand the importance of communication & reporting
 - To understand and use ISO 19011:2011 requirements for internal auditor qualification