Project Management & Optimization for Telecommunications

25-29 Jul 2016 Stockholm - Sweden

Project Management & Optimization for Telecommunications



The course provides fundamental knowledge on project management for telecommunication professionals. Successful project management requires both theoretical and practical competences in numerous areas; organization, planning, leadership, strategy and financial management, among others. This course package has been tailored specifically after these requirements in order to develop a program with the ability to educate Product Managers and give them tools to improve and optimize their daily operations and productivity.

1.XLPM (PROPS) for Project Members
2.Project Planning & Control
3.Project Finance

5 days

Number of Participants

Learning Objectives
XLPM (PROPS) for Project Members
 - To understand the project work form and culture.
 - To grasp the projects manager’s role in a multi-project organization.
 - To be able to use the XLPM project management methodology.
Project Planning & Control
 - To understand and be able to develop effective planning strategies.
 - To master the driving principles of project planning and control.
 - To enable an integration of risk valuation and risk management into daily operations.
 - To familiarize the participant with Earned Value Management and enable him to apply it on his day-to-day tasks.
Project Finance
 - To understand basic financial concepts and common financial key figures.
 - To be able to perform and practice cost budgeting and forecasts, and to set up an accrual budget.
 - To enable the use of accurate terminology, the understanding of financial and accounting data, and the application of profitability analysis in projects.