Network Technologies in Fiber Optic Network

11-22 Jul 2016 Stockholm - Sweden

Network Technologies in Fiber Optic Network



The course provides participants with an knowledge of the OSI model and how it is applied to the next generation Fiber Optic Network (FON) covering the main technologies used being WDM (DWDM), Ethernet and MPLS-TP. The participants will get familiarized with each technology and get an understanding how and why it is used in the FON.
Once the technologies are understood the course will progress into the network design part where Access, Metro and Core network design is introduced. OTN, ROADM and Ethernet solutions will be presented and the impact of dispersion, optical Amplifiers and optical power balancing in network design will be thoroughly explained.


1.    OSI model overview
1.2    Layer 1: WDM networks
1.3    Layer 2: Ethernet
1.4    Layer 2.5: MPLS-TP protocol overview
2.      Access, Metro and Core Network design


10 days

Number of Participants


Learning Objectives

To get a thorough theoretical understanding and practical hands on experience of the following parts:

OSI Model Overview

- Layer 1: WDM networks

  - Single channel optical transmission vs WDM

  - WDM system building blocks (Client system, Transponder, Optical filter)

  - Key components and their properties:

        - Optical receiver and laser (limiting optical parameters,  pluggable optics, encodings, coherence)

        - fiber (attenuation, multimode vs singlemode, chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion,

          fiber hygiene), optical amplifiers

        - optical filters

    - DWDM vs CWDM

    - Transmission distance limits

    - 3R regeneration

    - Flexible optical networks: ROADM

    - OTN standard overview

 - Layer 2: Ethernet

    - Ethernet protocol overview (frame format, Vlan tags, CoS)

    - Metropolitan Ethernet Forum (MEF) and Carrier Ethernet (CE)

    - MEF service types: E-Line, E-LAN och E-Tree

    - Bandwidth profiling

    - Scheduling

    - Ethernet OAM

    - Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) protocol overview

 - Layer 2.5: MPLS-TP protocol overview


Network Design

 - WDM Design introduction

 - Access Networks

 - Metro and Core Networks

 - Ethernet Solutions

 - OTN Solutions

 - Dispersion in network design

 - Optical Amplifier Design

 - Optical power balancing

 - ROADM solutions